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Why you should visit Sneeuberg in springtime and early summer

Posted on Wed September 26, 2018 in Top things to do in the Karoo.

Springtime and early summer is a stunning time to visit Sneeuberg Nature Reserve. Not only does the vast Karoo landscape get covered in lush vegetation and sprinkled with dashes of colour as the first flowers start to bloom, but this is the time for all kinds of new life to emerge and for some old treasures to be rediscovered. How will you make the most out of spring and early summer at Sneeuberg? We have some ideas for you.

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Sneeuberg Nature Reserve: The modern-day traveller's choice

Posted on Fri August 31, 2018 in Luxury accommodation Karoo.

The needs of modern-day travellers are changing. While you can enjoy a high level of luxury at most 5-star hotels, some travellers prefer privacy to communal swimming pools, and authenticity to industry standards – even if they are 5-star. People are placing more and more value on unique, personalised experiences and this path very often leads them back to nature.

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Charlotte Daneel - the woman behind Sneeuberg Nature Reserve

Posted on Wed August 22, 2018 in The People of Sneeuberg Nature Reserve.

Women like these, do not come around very often. Those with a love for the African soil, a keen eye for interior and most of all, the resilience to turn a farm in Africa into a luxury retreat.

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Top 5 reasons to visit the exclusive Sneeuberg Nature Reserve this year

Posted on Tue July 17, 2018 in Top things to do in the Karoo.

Here are the top 5 reasons to visit Sneeuberg Nature Reserve this year:

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Top 5 things to do at Sneeuberg Nature Reserve in the Karoo

Posted on Tue June 5, 2018 in Top things to do in the Karoo.

Here are the top 5 things our guests like to do when they visit Sneeuberg Nature Reserve (in no particular order)

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