Overview and History

In 2004, Charlotte Daneel purchased Skilderkrans and Coetzeesfontein which boasted an old, partly stone, partly brick ruin which provided the resident sheep an excellent shelter. To begin with, she decided to renovate it as a getaway and then after a few years The Poplars, Davidsfontein, Hartebeesfontein and Gordonville were added, to create a logical area.

The concept was to rehabilitate the land by running game and Nguni instead of sheep, and she created ‘Sneeuberg Nature Reserve’. The reserve encompasses about 15.000 hectares and the decision was made not to introduce any predators, so that the land can be truly enjoyed, safely.

The Reserve’s best offering is the beauty of the Sneeuberg and Renosterberg Mountains, the changing light, the silence and the vastness of the vistas. The hope is that the clean sky, the quiet emptiness and being close to the earth will inspire guests and bring about true relaxation.