Charlotte Daneel

The magic of Sneeuberg has been passionately crafted by owner and interior decorator Charlotte Daneel. Charlotte Daneel, fulfilled a yearning to return to the places she knew and loved as a child.

Old links with the Karoo and Graaff-Reinet begin with her father's family connection to the preaching Murray's who made the area famous in the 1900's.

After living abroad for 30 years Charlotte Daneel came back to South Africa and reconnected with the Karoo where she spent many childhood holidays. 

While in Europe her love for interiors was fine tuned and inspired by designers with a casual style, using warm patinas and textures, uncompromising quality, and where comfort and practicality are non-negotiable.           

Having set up La Grange Interiors in Franschhoek, the call to the Karoo became too strong to resist. She and her partner Derk Blaisse bought first one, and then several more farms to create Sneeuberg Nature Reserve. The combination of Charlotte's unique style together with the raw beauty of the Karoo make for a truly magnificent marriage. 

Charlotte’s passion for Interior decorating comes from an emotive response to things and it is fed by the energy that comes with living in South Africa. Her belief is that the best spaces are those that put their arms around you and make you feel instantly at home and comfortable. It is this feeling that inspired her when creating the dwellings of the Sneeuberg Nature Reserve, they are spaces that truly “embrace you”.