• Pets welcome at Sneeuberg nature reserve

House rules for owners and pets

We would like to inform you about our house rules to make your stay and the stay of our other guests as pleasant as possible.

At Sneeuberg Nature Reserve we welcome dogs at two of our guesthouses; The Poplars and Karoo Cottage. We allow a maximum of 2 dogs per house. For every pet we charge R150,- per stay. Please read the below carefully.

  • We are a nature reserve and respect the wildlife. This means that your dog is not allowed to chase any animals, if your dog does then you need to keep it on a leash or in the enclosed area at the house.
  • If your dog is a nuisance, for instance because of excessive barking, then you must keep your dog(s) inside the house as to not disturb other guests.
  • Dogs are not allowed on any of the couches, chairs or beds.
  • If we find that the house is extremely dirty after your stay we will charge extra cleaning costs. This also concerns any damages and stains.

By adhering to these rules we can ensure that you and other guests can continue to enjoy Sneeuberg Nature Reserve with dogs.