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The Wonders That Await at Sneeuberg Nature Reserve

Posted on Fri December 4, 2020.

There's a reason the Karoo touches the souls of all who visit its vast lands. As the largest plateau of its kind outside of Asia, this enchanting place is hard to forget.

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Nature Unscripted at Sneeuberg Nature Reserve

Posted on Mon September 14, 2020.

While the world has had to adjust to a new 'normal', the resident wildlife at Sneeuberg Nature Reserve have continued to live an untouched, unspoiled and unscripted life in the heart of the Karoo.

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Reconnect on Route 63

Posted on Sun May 17, 2020.

Leave the national roads and concrete jungles, and get stuck behind the spectacular sights of the undiscovered Route 63. Whether you’re looking to reconnect with family and friends at Langhuis, Graaff Reinet or stay in the Sneeuberg Nature Reserve, a road trip along the R63 promises the back-to-basics escape you crave. It intersects the major roads of the N12, N1 and N9 and is a welcomed reprieve from the monotonous straights of the Karoo.

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New Life in the Karoo

Posted on Mon January 13, 2020 in Karoo Rains.

With the ongoing drought in the Karoo, the recent relief of rain in January 2020 brought hope and a burst of new life in the area. Sneeuberg Nature Reserve is alive with a happy buzz of plant and bird life, while nearby towns exhale a sigh of relief at the result of the recent downpour.

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Stargazing in the Karoo

Posted on Thu November 28, 2019 in Stargazing in the Karoo.

When all the stars align, it brings you the opportunity to marvel at how vast the universe is, and how small the human. The Karoo skies are amongst the clearest in the world and famous for stargazing. Some of the incredible photos featured in this article were captured by pilot Sjoerd Jan ter Welle and company on a visit to Kliphuis.

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