• walking the dogs in the karoo at sneeuberg nature reserve

One with nature: stay at Sneeberg during the coldest months

Posted on Fri June 14, 2019.

As the temperate drops and the earth cools below freezing point, we prepare for winter in the Karoo. Icicles become artworks and wrapping oneself in insulated clothing to go for a walk becomes a daily activity. When indoors, reading a good book is the order of the day.

At Sneeuberg Nature Reserve we live close to nature. Our respect for the environment runs deep and as we embrace the next season in the Karoo, we realise again how Mother Nature rules our world.

The owners maintain that the Reserve’s best offering is the beauty of the Sneeuberg and Renosterberg Mountains, the changing light, the silence and the vastness of the vistas. The hope is that the clean sky, the quiet emptiness and being close to the earth will inspire you and bring about true relaxation.



In those peaceful moments, enhance your stay with a true Karoo book, to bring you even closer to this special part of South Africa. We've rounded up three book recommendations to inspire, engage and entertain you.


1. Karoo Ramblings - Short Stories and Tall Tales, by David Biggs and illustrated by Tony Grogan

Via loot.co.za. - "This collection of close on fifty stories is packed with the gentle humour and wry wisdom for which David Biggs is known and loved. The reminiscences about his childhood growing up in the Karoo and other tales gleaned from family and friends will have readers guffawing with laughter and nodding in appreciation. The illustrations by Tony Grogan, a long-standing friend and colleague of Biggs, perfectly complement the stories."

2. Timeless Karoo, by Jonathan Deal 

Via loot.co.za. - "This vast and unique region, at once awe-inspiring and secretive, will draw you close into its protective mantle; too close for casual inspection by the hurried traveller. The Karoo will share its secrets with you only if you're prepared to sit quietly to learn its mysteries over a plate of bobotie, a glass of witblits, and a copy of Timeless Karoo."

3. Karoo Kitchen, by Sydda Essop

Via Yuppiechef - "Discover the traditional recipes, veld remedies and diverse culinary tales in Karoo Kitchen, a fascinating visit to the historic heart of South Africa. 'More than just a cookbook – it is an inspiring journey of discovery, heritage and the human spirit'."