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Why SA’s elite prefer Sneeuberg Nature Reserve to five-star hotels

Posted on Fri August 31, 2018 in Luxury accommodation Karoo.

Have you noticed how many of the recent special offers in your inbox and on social media are from luxury establishments like resorts in Mauritius and well-known five-star hotels in Cape Town? You wouldn’t think that prestigious hotels like these would take the risk of devaluing their brand with such low prices, but the fact of the matter is, they have to – their product isn't sought after anymore.

The needs of modern travellers are changing. The typical luxury hotel with its overpopulated swimming pool completely westernised restaurant menu and seemingly copy-paste room layout no longer cut it for the modern, elite traveller. People are placing more and more value on authentic, personalised experiences and the days of impersonal mass tourism are gone.

This trend is something that our owner, Charlotte Daneel saw coming and it inspired her to create something completely different. Sneeuberg Nature Reserve offers guests so much more than just plain luxury. It’s no wonder this unique destination has been dubbed a perfect hideaway by the Perfect Hideaways Collection.


The Open Invitation of the Karoo

If you’ve ever been to the Karoo, you will agree that there is no place quite like it. The wide open spaces and rolling hills invite one to stop, take a moment and breathe. Charlotte draws on this feeling of expansiveness and openness with her large farmhouses scattered all over a 15 000-hectare protected nature reserve. For the elite of South Africa, this feeling of ultimate seclusion in vast expanses of nature is a very rare find and something that satisfies a need that very few luxury hotels can.


It’s the little things – Sneeuberg’s personal touch

Of course, elite travellers have specific needs when it comes to accommodation and for the team at Sneeuberg Nature Reserve, these requirements form an integral part of the Karoo experience. Although the large, luxuriously renovated farmhouses are kilometres away from everything, their occupants still receive a high level of personal attention.

You are welcomed at your perfect hideaway by a crackling fire, an abundance of firewood and a fully equipped kitchen. You get a cell phone number that you can phone, text or WhatsApp with any specific needs that you might have throughout your stay. This includes delicious, homemade meals, new towels and even freshly baked farm bread. You can even ask to get a private tour of the reserve and the Nguni farm activities or to have a packed picnic for lunch or sunset.


Real privacy, envisioned by a design icon

For the elite of South Africa, very often the most important part of a relaxing getaway is the privacy. At Sneeuberg Nature Reserve, each farmhouse is private and has its own unique character as envisioned by Charlotte’s decades of interior design experience.


The freedom of having a luxury interior designed mansion all to yourself

With so many options to choose from, you really can get the farmhouse that suits your needs best. Whether it be a cottage boasting a bathtub with panoramic views or a mansion with its own private converted shed complete with a large-scale pool, billiards table and chill area.

So, if you ever get tired of the same old hotel interiors and the hustle and bustle of communal areas, just remember that somewhere out there in the great Karoo, a uniquely decorated luxury farmhouse beckons… patiently… peacefully.